Our Collection of Equestrian Trophies - 15th January 2018

Horse riding has some of the most beautiful trophies, perhaps because horses are such lovely-looking animals and often feature on the designs.

At Jaycee Trophies we have a wonderful collection of Equestrian Trophies to choose from, including budget trophies and higher-end awards. Whether you’re a riding teacher, in charge of organising local competitions, or simply looking to reward a friend or relative, our trophies could be ideal.

Among our collection is this Antique Silver-Plated Trophy which is an elegant and striking addition to anyone’s trophy cabinet.

This is guaranteed to make a positive impression when presented at an awards ceremony and can easily be personalised with your own unique message. As with many of our trophies, it comes with a free engraving to make it even more special.

Another one of our high-end trophies is this Antique Copper Plated Horse Trophy which shows a horse in impressive detail. It can be given as either a gift or presented at an awards ceremony. We also have many trophies that features horse heads, which always look elegant on anybody’s shelf.

Looking for equestrian trophies on a budget?

We have a huge range of resin trophies to choose from, many of which are priced under £5.00.

Why not check out our range of Equestrian Trophies today?

Highly Affordable School Trophies - 1st January 2018

Ordering school trophies has never been easier with Jaycee Trophies…

The Christmas holidays have whizzed by and it’s hard to believe another school term is about to begin: another six months of school assemblies, sports events and examinations before the long-distant summer holidays.

If you’re students have the post-Christmas blues, why not cheer them up in the coming weeks by rewarding their good efforts? Our trophies are an affordable way to acknowledge the progress they’ve made and celebrate their achievements, whether it’s in sports, music or amateur dramatics.

Jaycee Trophies have everything needed to make any pupil’s face light up, including medals for all kinds of subjects, not just sports.

Our range of school trophies includes sports awards, subject awards and school badges such as those for House Captains, Choir members, prefects and members of the school council. These quality badges start from only £1.60 and are ideal for schools ordering in bulk.

Whether you’re rewarding those year elevens in their final year of school, or primary school children at an after-school club, Jaycee Trophies can find the right trophy for your age group, subject and budget.

For more information, simply browse our school trophies today.

Are You Looking To Buy Karate Trophies? - 18th December 2017

Are you looking to reward a black belt in karate this Christmas?

Karate has its origins in Japan rather than China, which is a common misconception. This sport exploded in popularity in the 1970s, perhaps due to the number of kung-fu films that came out and has been loved in the UK ever since.

Karate is the most popular and widely recognised of martial arts, although other techniques like Krav Magna have gained popularity over the past few years. This sport is taught at both schools and local sports clubs, with children of all ages wanting to learn the moves they’ve seen in the movies!

If you run a karate club and want to buy trophies for your best students, Jaycee Trophies have a collection of highly affordable trophies, awards and medals.

Rated five-stars by nearly 900 reviewers, Jaycee Trophies is a great place to order trophies for any sport or activity, including football, martial arts, swimming and much more. Our products include a sensational range of school trophies, star awards, medals and house cups.

Along with the full spectrum of sports, we also cover other school activities, such as music and drama.

We make it easier than ever to order quality trophies online, and nearly all our products come with a free engraving. Many of our trophies are under £10, making us ideal for anybody looking to reward somebody on a budget.

If you’re a martial arts teacher, why not explore our collection of trophies?

Super School Trophies For Star Pupils - 4th December 2017

Are your students counting down the days until the Christmas holidays? If you’re a busy teacher, the chances are you’re doing the same.

For busy teachers, December is often the time for planning ahead, with now the time to order supplies for the busy winter and spring terms. If you want to order school trophies to reward pupils in the coming year, Jaycee Trophies have an extensive collection of products to choose from- all of which are highly affordable.

At Jaycee Trophies we have a massive collection of school trophies that cover a wide range of subjects, including a variety of sports.

Whether you want to reward a slam-dunking netball team, a mathematics whiz, or a super skilled dancer, Jaycee Trophies can help you make them feel special without going over budget.

All our school trophies can come with a FREE engraving, so you can personalise your award. With many trophies under £5.00, you can easily reward everybody for their hard work.

We also have a range of medals and ribbons along with house trophies for any presentation ceremony or sports event.

Why not explore our range of school trophies today?

Need School Trophies for 2018? - 20th November 2017

Wow, it’s only a month until schools break up for the Christmas break. If you’re in charge of organising trophies for next year’s sports day, why not explore our massive range at Jaycee Trophies?

Whatever the sport or subject, it’s never been easier to order competitively priced awards which look first-class but won’t break the bank.

Whether you need trophies for long distance running, football or netball, or medals for a dramatic or musical performance, you’ll find affordable products that can help you meet your budget.

Students are guaranteed to feel special when given one a personalised award from Jaycee Trophies.

We have everything from school badges to sports day trophies and achievement awards for specific subjects. Our school trophies also include House Awards in red, green, yellow and blue which start from £3.90.

Our site is extremely easy to navigate with trophies grouped by type and subject. For instance, we have a whole section devoted to School Trophies. Better yet, we offer a free engraving to make your trophies extra special.

Sports day trophies include those for rounders, hockey, basketball, football and general trophies which are highly versatile.

Kickboxing Trophies To Award Your Star Pupils - 23rd October 2017

Do you hold kickboxing classes and want to reward your best students?

Martial arts became well-known in the 1970s and have remained a popular activity with children and adults alike, especially kickboxing, karate and judo.

Kickboxing is particularly popular with people who genuinely want the ability to defend themselves if the occasion arises. The sport originated in Thailand around 2,000 years ago but Japanese kickboxing gained popularity in the 1960s when competitions started to be held.

‘Kickboxing’ is considered a general term that can be applied to numerous sports. Historically, it is considered a hybrid sport, which mixes ground fighting techniques with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and folk wrestling. Kickboxing is not only practical but can help you stay in excellent shape.

At Jaycee Trophies, we have many trophies that are perfect for the martial arts, including kickboxing.

Many of our trophies can be applied to any martial art sport, including kickboxing, so are perfect if you teach more than one technique. We have a whole section dedicated to these types of sports, with prices starting from £1.20 for medals.

You can enjoy a free engraving on any of our trophies, so they can easily be personalised.

Why not explore our range of martial arts trophies?

Reward your Students with our School Trophies - 2nd October 2017

Let’s face it, those summer holidays now seem like a distant memory…

Now we’re in October, we’re well and truly into the autumn school term. Are you preparing for the spring and summer of 2018 and looking to order school trophies, whether for mathematics, art or sports?

At Jaycee Trophies we have all the school trophies you need to reward your best performing pupils, all of which are highly affordable. Our online shop is ideal for schools and colleges that have a tight budget but still want to reward their students for their hard work.

Rated highly by our customers, Jaycee Trophies has the seal of approval from hundreds of clients.

With free deliveries on all orders over £200, we’re ideal for schools that are ordering medals or trophies in bulk. As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on being completely reliable and trustworthy. Rated five-stars on Trustpilot by over 800 customers, Jaycee Trophies want to be your one-stop shop for trophies and medal.

We have a great selection of trophies and medals for all sporting activities, along with those like reading, mathematics, music and the arts. Our aim is to provide quality products at highly competitive prices.

Why not explore our range of school trophies and achievement awards?

A Range Of School Trophies - 25th September 2017

The leaves are drifting down, the air is growing chillier, and a whole new school term has started, with fresh exercise books, new names on the register and a whole new calendar of events ahead.

Are you looking to buy school trophies to reward pupils in the year ahead?

School trophies are one of those treasured items which make people feel nostalgic in later years and they needn’t be expensive to make a pupil feel super-special.

Whether you have a professional actor in the making, or a long-distance runner who has been breaking school records, Jaycee Trophies provide your one-stop shop for affordable school trophies, with both general and specific trophies available.

Make your pupils realise their achievements in 2017.

Our school trophies include those for dramatic arts, mathematics, art and sports, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to affordable trophies. Furthermore, we have a collection of school badges which cost as little as £1.70 each.

Highly rated by our loyal customers, Jaycee Trophies offer competitive prices and free in-house engravings, to make your school trophies even more special.

Why not browse our range of school achievement awards.

Cheap But Quality School Trophies - 11th September 2017

The leaves are falling, the evenings are drawing in closer, and a whole new school term has started. Doesn’t it feel like yesterday that school was out for summer?

If you’re preparing for the term ahead, Jaycee Trophies have a range of both general trophies and those for specific subjects, like art, maths, science, chess, and spelling or reading.

Have a superb artist on your hands? Why not reward them with this palette and brush trophy?

Our cheap school trophies include those under £5.00, including this Micro Art School Trophy for only £3.90. Made of solid resin, this is a brilliant trophy for any presentation ceremony.

We also have these Mini Star House Awards in the four main colours: yellow, blue, green and red. These awards are perfect for sports days and events where the four houses compete against another.

You’ll also find we have a range of attendance awards for those pupils who are always present on the register.

Since our school trophies are so affordable, they can help you meet any budget and you can easily order multiple trophies. Furthermore, you can enjoy a free engraving from Jaycee Trophies to make the trophy truly memorable.

Browse our range of cheap school trophies today.

Highly Affordable Dance Trophies - 28th August 2017

Forget all your troubles and just dance….

Although dance might not be considered a sport, it is actually one of the most strenuous forms of exercise. Whether you love ballet, tap dancing or modern dance, there’s no better way to burn those calories. It is also one of the most popular activities for children, with many schools now offering it as part of their curriculum.

Reward your star pupils this summer.

If you’re a dance teacher and need to reward your students, Jaycee Trophies have a range of dance and music trophies sold at highly affordable prices, all of which come with a free engraving so you can easily personalise the award.

Our collection includes this Razor All Stars Silver & Pink Award which comes in four different sizes and is highly versatile. Since it is quite weighty, it oozes quality and comes with a base plate for any engravings. Perfect for any events and activities, including dance, it also comes in silver and blue.

Our other dance trophies include the Renegade Legend Dance Trophy on a marble base which can easily be personalised with a special message. With prices starting from less than £5.00, a dance teacher can easily purchase multiple trophies for their star dancers.

Browse our range of music and dance trophies.

A Massive Range Of Golf Trophies - 14th August 2017

Whether you’re a casual golfer or approaching Tiger Woods in your dedication, Jaycee Trophies have a huge collection of golf trophies that are the perfect incentive for a hole in one.

A brief history of golf…

Experts think that in the UK we started playing golf in the Tudor age, but in the East, it has been traced back to the Song dynasty in China during the years 909-1279, which makes golf a pretty old game indeed!

The oldest course in the UK is St Andrews which can be traced back to 1574 and is now considered a site of pilgrimage. If you feel bad about not having many holes in one, there’s no need: the chances of making two holes-in one in golf are one in 67 million!

Find golf trophies to award star players this summer.

At Jaycee Trophies, our awards range from glass trophies to those with a figure mounted on an integral base, like this Female Golf Trophy made of resin.

Another of our resin trophies is the Putter Trophy which comes complete with an engraving plate (all engravings are free with Jaycee Trophies). This trophy is only £10.00 and will look wonderful on any golfer’s shelf.

Explore our collection of golf trophies today.

High Quality Trophies And Presentation Cups - 31st July 2017

Whether you're organising school sport's day or event at a local club, it's always lovely to have a trophy to remember the summer by. Why not buy affordable trophies at Jaycee Trophies, so everyone feels like a winner?

Rated five-stars by over 800 people on Trust-Pilot, Jaycee Trophies pride ourselves on being reliable, fast and extremely affordable.

Whether you're looking to reward a golfing champion, top runner or musician, you'll find a trophy which enables you to celebrate in style. Our collection of affordable cups include presentation, nickel-plated, silver-plated, supreme cups and rose bowls.

Among our trophies you'll find many multi-purpose awards along with special trophies, making us ideal for schools and colleges ordering in bulk. If you're looking for a specific sport, Jaycee Trophies cover a massive range of sports, including football, badminton, rugby, dance, basketball, tennis, martial arts and many more.

All our trophies and presentation cups can have a free in-house engraving (up to 25 characters).

Since all our awards are sourced from within the UK, we can always provide a quick turnaround. Most orders can be delivered within only five days.

Why not start exploring our massive collection of trophies?

Celebrate With Competitively-Priced Trophies - 17th July 2017

A trophy is something to treasure for a lifetime, whether it's for dance, music or sports. It's more than something with which to decorate a shelf; it's a reminder of the best days of our life, whether it's being part of a club, our school days or time among friends.

At Jaycee Trophies, we provide a place to purchase trophies at a range of prices, from cheap budget awards to higher-end corporate trophies.

Whether you're looking for trophies for ten-pin bowling, football, cricket, cycling, motorsports or cycling, Jaycee Trophies cover a broad spectrum of sports.

Our store also covers trophies for other subjects like drama, music and dance, so if you're part of an amateur dramatics society or after-schools club, we will still have what you're looking for. We also have general trophies that can serve any application.

Since our prices are so competitive, it's easy to order multiple trophies, with many budget awards under £5.00. This makes us perfect for schools or colleges who need to reward dozens of pupils.

With all sports and sizes to choose from, you're bound to find a trophy that fits your requirements. All our trophies are sourced from within the UK, so can be delivered as quickly as possible.

Why not explore our budget collection today?

Need To Buy School Trophies To Reward Your Pupils? - 3rd July 2017

Although it often doesn't seem like it, school can be one of the most special times of your life. It's one of the few times when you see your friends every day, when you get to learn so many different subjects.

Why not give your pupils something to remember their school days, with our affordable trophies?

Whether it's for a sports day, drama competition or music show, Jaycee Trophies have a range of school trophies to reward your star pupils. Since our trophies are so competitively-priced, you can easily meet your school budget without watching the pennies.

Whatever the subject you'll be covered with Jaycee Trophies.

Our School Trophies include Chess, Reading, Art and Drama trophies, so that every subject is covered; however, we also have more general trophies that can be applied to any topic.

We also have trophies which come in four different colours, to reflect the different houses of your school: blue, red, green and yellow.

You can buy many of our school trophies for under £5.00, with our Micro Trophies priced at only £3.90 and medals for less than £2.00. With FREE engravings, you can also personalise your trophies at no extra cost.

Need to Buy Cheap Trophies? We Can Help! - 19th June 2017

'You earn your trophies at practice, you pick them up at competitions.'


While it's the taking part which counts, it's lovely to have a trophy if you do win. Having a trophy on the shelf can fill someone with a sense of accomplishment, reminding them of their successes when they're feeling down.

Even if it's a cheap trophy, it can also evoke memories that might otherwise be forgotten, especially when it comes to school or college. It's important to celebrate our achievements, to remind us we can back up, even when things get tough.

At Jaycee Trophies, you can buy cheap but attractive trophies, so everyone is a winner this summer.

Whether you're looking for motorsports trophies, or those for golf, football or rugby, Jaycee Trophies have a huge choice of trophies and medals.

Our trophies are sold at unbeatably low prices, with many priced less than £5.00. Not only that, but they come with a free engraving. Rated five-stars on TrustPilot, Jaycee Trophies are a family-run company that deliver friendly customer service.

You can buy cheap trophies online anytime with us. We're open 24/7 and provide a speedy turn-around on all orders.

Why not shop by sport today? Finding cheap trophies has never been easier.

Trophies For An Award-Winning Summer - 5th June 2017

Do you want to reward you pupils with something special for your school sports day? Or has your local sports team got exciting matches coming up this summer?

Whatever you're planning this season, why not make sure everyone remembers the day by giving them a unique award to go home with?

At Jaycee Trophies, you'll find trophies and awards that cover the whole spectrum of sports played in the UK, from tennis and football to swimming and golf; we also cover non-sporting activities like drama and have all-purpose awards to cover any subject or activity.

Save time when shopping for budget trophies.

Jaycee Trophies make buying trophies for sports quick, straight-forward and affordable with easy to browse categories, fast deliveries and even free engravings. All our prices include VAT and the option for an in-house engraving.

Whether you're looking for presentation cups, rose bowls, gold medals or personalised gifts, we have everything needed to make both star players and runners-up feel special.

As a family-run company, we have worked hard to develop the perfect trophy website to make buying this type of product easier, but don't just take our word for it- why not check out our reviews on Trust Pilot? We've been rated 'Excellent' by over 700 happy customers.

Or browse our range of trophies and awards today!

Cheap Trophies - 22nd May 2017

If you're looking for cheap trophies for your event, you have to come to Jaycee Trophies. We're a family-owned business that scores a massive 5 stars on Trustpilot from our previous customers' testament to the care and attention we put into our trophies and to our excellent customer service.

We have an excellent website where you can order whatever kinds of trophies and medals you need from the comfort of your own home and we're always happy to talk over your needs. We offer an in-house engraving service, free of charge.

Looking to buy trophies?

We carry trophies specially designed for almost every kind of sport you can think of. We also have a range of ribbons, medals and shields.

If you're looking for cheap trophies, we also carry an excellent budget range that are beautifully designed, so you don't ever have to worry about the quality. Budget trophies are made in plastic but are laser-cut with intricate designs and a number of colours.

We also carry medal boxes and presentation cases with an attention to detail you won't find anywhere else.

Order online with our simple and secure ordering system or, if you'd like to discuss your requirements in more depth, talk to us on 01536 408850 or email us on

Celebrate this Summer with our School Trophies - 8th May 2017

Wow! It's now only two months until school will officially be out for summer. For teachers and pupils alike this is likely to be a huge relief.

If you're preparing for the school sports day, how about rewarding pupils with our affordable trophies? Sports days have long been a staple of the school calendar and are a great chance for everyone to get together.

Whatever is on the curriculum, we have trophies for every school subject under the sun.

Jaycee Trophies have awards for everything from dancing to music, to a wide range of sports, such as running, swimming, basketball, hockey and netball. We also have school badges that are ideal for rewarding your star pupils, or to label prefects, house captains or school monitors.

Whether you run a football club after school, or need affordable trophies for a drama competition, Jaycee Trophies have prices which are so competitive, you can easily reward everybody in the entire class. Many of our trophies are less than £5.00.

Better yet, we offer free engravings so you can easily personalise trophies.

Whether you're after generic awards or those for specific subjects, Jaycee Trophies have both. If you're looking to buy school trophies, why not see what we can offer?

Our Highly Affordable Dance Trophies - 24th April 2017

�Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body�.

(Martha Graham).

As might be imagined, dance is one of the oldest forms of performance arts. It�s been around so long, it�s impossible to identify when it first became part of human culture. There are so many varieties of dance nowadays, from street dancing to Indian dancing to classical ballet, there�s something for everyone.

Whether you hold tap, ballet or modern dance classes, we can help you to reward your star dancers.

Jaycee Trophies have many dance and music trophies, sold at extremely affordable price, all of which come with free engraving. Our dance trophies are sold at highly competitive prices, with many under £5.00. We can get anybody dancing with our amazing prices!

Jaycee Trophies have both trophies for specific dances, and those that can be applied to any form of dance.

Our trophies include this Gold Resin Dance Trophy which is only £3.90. Featuring a cabaret-style dancer, it includes an engraving plate. Whether you hold dance classes or want to reward your daughter for their dancing, our awards are ideal.

Because they�re so affordable, Jaycee Trophies is perfect for anybody ordering in bulk.

View our range of dance trophies today.

Kickstart Summer With Our Martial Arts Trophies - 10th April 2017

Do you run kick boxing classes, and want to reward your star pupils?

This combat sport is excellent for improving your fitness levels. Kick boxing has been increasingly popular since the 1970s and many people love to attend local classes. It provides many health benefits, including reduced body fat, increased flexibility and a strengthened heart.

Historically, it is a mixture of traditional martial arts and the term �kick boxing� is quite broad.

If you�re looking to buy kick boxing trophies, Jaycee Trophies have many martial arts trophies sold for affordable prices.

Whether you teach kick boxing, karate, judo or Krav Magna, with Jaycee Trophies you can buy exceptionally affordable products.

Our kick boxing trophies include our Silver or Gold Male Kickboxer Trophy which is mounted on a black belt shaped base. Our martial arts trophies also include this Ultimate Warrior Gold Resin Samurai Trophy, which is ideal for any awesome fighter.

We provide a free engraving on all our trophies, so they're easy to personalise. We also have many medals and ribbons which are under £5.00

Check out our collection martial arts trophies.

Cricket Trophies With A Free Engraving - 27th March 2017

�Cricket and life are alike: every ball equals every minute, every short equals an opportunity, and every wicket is an obstacle.'

(R. Jeyabalasingam).

Nothing is considered more English than the sight of a cricket team, on a local green in June or July. And quite rightly: this sport is very much of British origin; it can be traced back to Tudor England, with the earliest definite reference in 1598 when it was mentioned in a court case.

Want to reward your local cricket team this summer?

Jaycee Trophies have plenty of cricket trophies to choose from on our website, all of which come with a free engraving. Many of these are less than £5.00, giving you a home run on your trophies every time.

Make this the best summer for your cricket team ever.

Our cricket trophies include this Optical 3D Image Cricket Glass Award which has an image lasered inside the glass. This award will take proud place on the shelf of any accomplished cricketer.

Jaycee Trophies also have many medals for this sport, including in gold, silver and bronze. If ordering several trophies, we offer free deliveries on orders over £200.

View our collection of cricket trophies.

Our Range Of Affordable School Trophies - 13th March 2017

Do you want to reward your students this spring? Do you run a sport�s club that regularly holds competitions?

Everyone deserves to have a school trophy to remind them of this period of their life. After all, in the great scheme of things, it doesn�t last long!

Whether you�re organising the summer sports day or a spelling competition, Jaycee Trophies have a range of school trophies, including those which include a 100% free engraving. With our help, you can reward all your pupils even on the lowest school budget.

Our affordable school trophies cover all subjects, including art, drama and sport, and many are sold for less than £5.00.

Among our range are these Mini Star House School Resin Awards, which are perfect for your different houses. Each award costs only £3.90 so is extremely cheap.

Got a real spelling Queen bee on your hands? How about this Mini Award that comes with a free inscription, to celebrate their way with words. As you can see, we have a real range of school trophies to suit your needs.

Jaycee Trophies are a family-run company who pride ourselves on customer care and attention to detail.

View our range of School and Achievement Trophies today.

Highly Affordable Swimming Trophies - 27th February 2017

Did you know, swimming became an Olympic sport in 1896? Synchronized swimming was not featured until even later in 1984.

This popular sport is one of the healthiest there is because it exercises every part of your body. It is also suitable for everyone, including disabled people or those suffering an injury, because the water supports the limbs.

At Jaycee Trophies, you can buy many affordable swimming trophies that are perfect for both beginners and more accomplished swimmers. Whether it�s for a school team or a local competition, our swimming trophies are not only affordable; they also come with a free engraving.

Whether you�re after gold, silver and bronze medals, or glass swimming awards, you�ll find them at Jaycee Trophies.

Among our swimming trophies is this Glass Award which includes a coloured acrylic image. Available in several different sizes, this trophy can be personalised with your own message on the engraving plate.

With Jaycee Trophies, you can buy swimming trophies for less than £5.00, so everyone can be a winner. Why not dive into affordable trophies and medals now?

Browse our range of swimming trophies.

Looking To Buy Affordable Dance Trophies? - 13th February 2017

Do you never miss a chance to dance?

Dance is one of the most creative of sports, and it takes so many different forms. From vigorous modern dance to classic ballet, it�s become increasingly popular in schools and colleges, along with at local clubs.

Dancing is not only fantastic exercise, but. because it�s done to music and is highly sociable, can really lift your mood. It also improves both your muscular endurance and flexibility. It�s well known that ballet dancers are tougher than many athletes.

If you�re holding a dance competition in 2017, Jaycee Trophies have many beautiful dance trophies that are both highly attractive and affordable.

You can buy everything from small medals for less than £2.00 to gorgeous trophies that include a free engraving. Whether you run an after-school dance club, or have a local dance competition, our trophies will delight people of all age-groups.

We also have many music and drama trophies that are also ideal for your creative arts departments.

Dance competitions are much more exciting when a trophy is at stake.

So, if you�re looking to buy dance trophies, why not browse our range today?

Looking to Buy Budget Trophies? - 30th January 2017

Do you want your sports team to feel like winners, but haven�t got much cash to spare?

If you want to reward them without breaking the bank, consider our budget trophies.

Many of our budget trophies start from only 99p- that means you can reward 10 pupils for their efforts for less than £10.00! And with a free engraving for every trophy, you can have them personalised for nothing at all. You can also buy more elaborate trophies for less than £5.00, which still fall into the budget category.

Whether you�re in charge of a local football team, or run a school sports club, we have both multi-purpose trophies and those for specific sports.

As a family business, Jaycee Trophies pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to all our valued customers.

On our site, you can buy budget trophies for many different sports, including archery, basketball, cricket, football, badminton, hockey, fishing, and many more. We also have specialist sports day trophies and medals- perfect for school and college events.

No matter what sport gets you excited, everyone can be a winner with our trophies.

Check out our range of budget trophies today.

Looking for Highly Affordable Karate Trophies? - 16th January 2017

Do you have pupils working their way towards a blackbelt? Are you looking for karate trophies for pupils at any level?

Although karate has roots that date back 2,000 years, the sport itself isn�t quite so old. It originated on the island of Okinawa, and arrived during the late 17thcentury, when a ban on weapons was imposed by the samurai rulers of Japan. People therefore had to develop other means to defend themselves in any situation.

At Jaycee Trophies, we have a huge range of martial arts trophies, including those specifically for karate.

Among our collection of martial arts trophies is this highly affordable Motion Extreme Resin Martial Arts Trophy. Perfect for boys working their way towards a blackbelt, it is a snip at less than £15.00 and on the base, depicts the characters of spirit, honour, respect and strength.

We also have many karate trophies and medals for less than £5.00, including free engravings.

Rewarding your pupils with one of our karate trophies will keep them motivated, and ready to fight another day!

Explore our collection of karate trophies today.

Hunting for Karate Trophies? - 2nd January 2017

Have you kicked off a whole new term of karate lessons?

Karate was a sport developed on the Ryukyu Islands in what�s now known as Okinawa in Japan. This is predominantly a striking sport, which involves kicking, punching and open-hand techniques. It is extremely useful as a form of self-defence and became extremely popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It has retained its popularity over the past few decades, which is excellent for karate teachers!

If you�re looking for medals or trophies in 2017, you�ve come to the right place: Jaycee Trophies have trophies that cover a wide spectrum of sports, including martial arts.

Whether you�re rewarding a black belt or a beginner Jaycee Trophies have everything from resin trophies to glass awards.

With free engravings for all our trophies, personalising your karate trophies has never been easier. Our trophies are also extremely affordable, with prices as low as 0.99p, like this Martial Arts 50 mm Medal. Available in gold, silver and bronze, this trophy can have a ribbon and box added at a small cost.

Our prices aren�t just highly competitive in January, but throughout the year. View our range of karate trophies today.

Happy new year from Jaycee Trophies!

Need To Purchase Medals And Ribbons? - 19th December 2016

Doesn�t it feel like a long time since the Rio Olympics this summer? With 2016 drawing to a close, it�s time to look forward to a new year of sport and games.

Next year brings the World Alpine Ski Championships, among many other exciting events to pencil on your calendar. If you�re in a local team, the chances are you have plenty of milestones to look forward to.

Are you looking for medals and ribbons for your sporting event?

Whether you�re in charge of a school or college event, or are the coach for a local team, Jaycee Trophies have a gigantic range of medals and ribbons, trophies and much more, to reward your star players.

Among our range of medals and ribbons, you�ll find gold, silver and bronze medals so everyone�s a winner. With prices starting from only 0.99p, purchasing medals has never been easier.

Along with sports trophies, we also have medals for corporate events and school awards.

Rated five-stars from 675 customers on Trust Pilot, Jaycee Trophies are reliable, fast and extremely affordable.

We offer free in-house engravings, a huge choice and competitive prices for all our trophies. Choose Jaycee Trophies and you can also enjoy very quick deliveries.

Explore our collection of medals and ribbons today.

Looking To Purchase Affordable School Trophies? - 5th December 2016

Do you want to be ready for next year�s award ceremonies? No, we�re not talking about the Oscars or the Golden Globes, but, of course, that annual school sports day�

While it might seem like many weeks of teaching away, the summer term always rolls around before you know it; it�s possible you also have end-of-term awards coming up this December.

At Jaycee Trophies, we have an extensive range of school trophies, including those for different subjects. Better yet, with Jaycee Trophies you can get a free engraving to personalise the trophy.

Whether you�re rewarding someone for musical achievements, extraordinary art, maths or drama, Jaycee Trophies will help you celebrate a student�s achievements for much less.

From activities, like reading and music, to popular sports like football, rugby and tennis, we have school trophies that are attractive, affordable and can easily be ordered in bulk. Among our range are special sports day trophies for July 2017.

Many of our school trophies are sold for less than £5.00, including these Micro House Resin Trophies that come in red, yellow, blue and green, and are sold for only £3.49. This trophy is not only great value for money but you can get a FREE engraving on the base.

Why not browse our collection of school trophies today?

Highly Affordable Medals and Ribbons - 7th November 2016

No matter who�s a winner in the American election, Jaycee Trophies can help you celebrate any sporting achievement this winter. Our trophies and medals cover a huge range of sports, that range from golf to football and rugby.

We have a fantastic range of trophies, medals and ribbons, pewter and much more, which are perfect for everyone from sports day champions to local heroes.

Among our high-quality medals is this Achievement Medal in Gold which costs only £5.00. Ok, we�ll confess- it�s not made of real gold! But it still looks and feel extremely attractive, and will make any winner feel a sense of victory. Since many of our medals are so cheap, they are perfect for school and college events that have multiple winners.

The outer edges of this medal have a laurel design, along with an Olympic torch in the centre. You can add both a ribbon or a medal box, to make the gift extra special. The ribbon is not included with this particular medal so make sure it�s ordered separately!

However, we also offer Medal and Ribbon Combos that start from only £1.10.

As with many of our medals, they come with a free engraving.

Explore our range of medals and ribbons today.

Affordable Trophies For Any Sport - 24th October 2016

On your marks, get set�GO!

With the Brazilian party spirit of the Rio Olympics fading away, the summer of sport is now over. But a whole new school and college term has started, during which YOU have the chance to compete for the gold.

Whether you�re a connoisseur of darts, love playing football or shine at netball, Jaycee Trophies have a huge range of trophies celebrating a host of different sports.

Our affordable trophies are suitable for local sports teams, along with schools and colleges. We have many different types of trophies, including Cups & Pewter, Medals and Ribbons, Star Trophies, Rose bowls, Children�s Trophies and more. We also have shields and plaques in several different styles.

Just because our trophies are affordable, doesn�t mean they don�t look incredible. However, we also have higher end trophies for those looking for more polished awards.

All our trophies are sold at winning prices.

Among our range you�ll discover Sports Day Trophies, including Bronze Models that cost only 79 pence. With prices that start so small, everybody is a winner with our trophies. So, while you might not be playing in the Premier League, you can still celebrate the athleticism of your players.

Why not check out our Cups and Pewter?

Our Lawn Bowls Trophies - 10th October 2016

Lawn bowls is a game that�s been around hundreds of years. The sport has actually been traced back to the 13th century, although some people believe it already was around in the 12th century.

The oldest surviving bowling green is actually found here in the UK. Southampton Bowling Green was first used way back in 1299, so this really is originally a medieval sport. It�s now a popular fixture of summers in the UK, when it�s frequently played down local greens.

If you love playing lawn bowls, we have a range of trophies especially made for this sport, including those with free engravings.

Among these are our Black Resin Trophies, which are available in several different sizes. Striking black, it has a gold trim which makes it look extremely distinguished. It�s a brilliant award to present at any award ceremony, and is extremely affordable, with prices starting from only £7.50.

Jaycee Trophies also have Lawn Bowls Trophies that can be highly personalised, including Male and Female Lawns Bowl Trophies, which have motion extreme figures.

All our lawn bowls trophies are unique and cost-effective.

So, why not roll along and view our trophies today?

Our Quality Range Of Medals And Ribbons - 26th September 2016

The Olympics might be over, but there�s plenty to look forward to in the world of sport. For football fans, there�s the ever-changing fortunes of the Premier League. For those back at school or college, it�s likely a whole new season of team sports has begun.

At Jaycee Trophies we have a winning range of medal and ribbons, including Sports Day Trophies, such as this Titans Sports Day Glass Award. Available in four different sizes, this award is perfect for championing the victor of your sports day.

If you�re looking for medals and ribbons, or trophies for a specific sport, we have awards for all popular sports, from golf and netball to ten pin bowling.

Our Medals and Ribbons.

Jaycee Trophies have a range of high quality medals and ribbons, including those in gold, silver and bronze. Our high quality medals can be matched with a range of different ribbons, including those with the English or Welsh flag.

Instantly personalise your medal with our free engravings.

Buy with Jaycee Trophies and you can enjoy a free engraving. Whether it�s the name of a player or your team, it�s a fantastic way to commemorate any event.

Explore our Medals and Ribbons here.

Buy The Perfect Trophies In 2017 - 12th September 2016

Summer is winding down, and the Olympic flame has been extinguished for another four years. The next Olympics will be in 2020 and take place in Tokyo- you can bet that will be one amazing opening ceremony.

If you�re holding a sporting event in September, you can buy a range of trophies at Jaycee Trophies, including those for archery, basketball, golf, swimming, cycling, gymnastics, netball, poker, horse riding, dance and music, running, rugby, and pretty much any sport you can name. Among our trophies, you�ll find those for winter sports like ice hockey.

You can also buy trophies in a wide range of different styles, including cups and pewter, silver plated cups, presentation cups, glass awards, school sports day trophies, star medals, high quality medals, tankards, and much more.

Are you a horse riding teacher, and want to reward your pupils?

From horse races to local gymkhanas, we have a collection of beautiful horse riding trophies that are extremely affordable. If you want to award amateur riders, our 45 mm Horse Medal and Ribbon is only £1.10 so ideal for multiple purchases.

We also have higher range trophies, like this Antique Copper Plated Horse Trophy that offers outstanding detail. Standing 10 inches tall, it makes an excellent trophy for presentation purposes

Treat Your Pupils With Taekwondo Trophies - 29th August 2016

Developed during the 1940s and 1950s, Taekwondo combines Chinese and Karate martial arts with original Korean martial arts techniques. It is one of only two martial arts sports that are included in the Olympics. Taekwondo has an emphasis on speed and agility, with speed more important than sizes in terms of generating power.

Do you run martial arts classes, and want to reward your students?

If you want to reward your star Taekwondo pupils with some affordable trophies, you�ve come to the right place.

Whether you�re looking for Taekwondo Trophies, or those for karate, Jaycee Trophies have a range of trophies for martial arts. The prices of our trophies start from only 99p for our 50 mm medals, and include resin and glass awards that look amazing.

We offer a free engraving with many of our trophies, so you can instantly personalise it.

If you have a star pupil, why not reward them with this Gold Resin Typhoon Martial Arts Trophy. Available in two sizes, this trophy shows a man kicking his way to victory. This trophy is also extremely affordable with the smaller size only £7.50.

Explore our range of Martial Arts Trophies today.

Award your team with Stunning Medals - 8th August 2016

Andy Murry has really been doing us proud- once again! The Wimbledon champion has now won Gold in the men�s singles at the Rio Olympics. He knows has his sights set on the US Open after playing one of the toughest matches in the Olympics.

Team GB have now climbed to second place, and have a lot to be proud of.

If you�re holding a sporting event this summer, why not award your players for their hard work?

Jaycee Trophies have a wide range of cups and medals, to suit literally any budget. Our catalogue includes a range of Tennis Trophies, including medal and ribbons in many attractive designs.

With prices starting from only 99p, you can be part of the summer of sport for much less. Whether you�ve after novelty trophies or stunning glass awards, we have all the medals, cups and trophies to make you feel like a true champion.

Most of our medal and cups can have a free engraving, including this 2D Tennis Ball Trophy. Mounted on a resin base, this award is both attractive and extremely affordable, at only £9.50.

Looking To Buy Football Trophies Online? - 1st August 2016

It might be hard to believe, but the London Olympics are now four whole years ago. No, we can�t quite believe it either. Four years since that spectacular opening ceremony, when everyone from Eric Idle to the Spice Girls made an appearance.

It�s now also only a week until the Rio Olympics kick off in Brazil- Ol�! Unfortunately this particular Olympics has already been beset with scandal, with the Russian team being kicked off for state sponsored doping. But we guarantee that the opening ceremony will be so spectacular, it won�t be hard to regain enthusiasm for the event.

If football is more your thing, the Premier League will soon be coming back, on the 13th August. Goal!

Football trophies of all shapes and sizes.

Are you part of a local football team, and could give the Premier League a run for their money? At Jaycee Trophies we have everything for both professional and amateur teams competing this summer.

Our range of football trophies include General Football Trophies, Budget Trophies, Quality Football Medals, Glass Football Awards, Female Football Trophies and Football Official Trophies.

Our range of Glass Football Awards includes this Crystal Football Award lasered inside the glass. Available in one size only, the engraving for this award is completely free.

Looking To Buy Trophy Cups? - 18th July 2016

Sports wise, it�s certainly been an exciting summer so far. Iceland got much further than anyone could have imagined, in the Euro 2016 Championships. Although they didn�t win, it was still extremely heart-warming to watch. Then Germany was expectantly knocked out shortly before the end, with Portugal eventually heralded the winners.

And now we have the Rio Olympics coming up next week. Running from 5th-21st August, we expect the opening ceremony to be absolutely spectacular. After all, Brazilians certainly know how to party. But will it be as good as the London Olympics in 2012?

Trophy Cups for your sporting event.

Why not make participants in your event feel like Olympic champions, this summer? Jaycee Trophies have a number of presentation cups which come with a FREE engraving.

Our trophy cups are available in a number of different sizes. These include those with a marble base, Silver or Gold cups, Presentation Cups and nickel plated cups. Prices for our trophy cups start from only £7.49. Whether you�re after a silver nickel plated cup with a rosewood base, or high-end Supreme Cups, you�ll find them at Jaycee Trophies.

Jaycee Trophies are a family run company who pride ourselves on customer care and attention to detail.

Check out our Trophy Cups and Pewter today.

Make A Splash With Our Swimming Trophies - 4th July 2016

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world, beloved by children and adults alike. At school, it�s often the sport that kids look forward to the most. While many children �forget� their PE kit for games, that�s rarely the case for swimming.

Because it exercises every part of your body, it�s also one of the healthiest.

Where can I get affordable swimming trophies?

If you�re holding a swimming competition, whether at a school or at a local leisure centre, why not reward winners with our attractive trophies? Whether you�re after gold, bronze or silver, Jaycee Trophies have a huge range of swimming trophies and medals, which include a free engraving.

Among our range is this Male Resin Swimming Trophy. This attractive trophy comes mounted on a black base and is brilliant for presentations. Any swimmer will be proud to be presented with this award.

Or if you love sophisticated glass awards, consider this Glass Award available in four different sizes. This premium Jade glass award is both classy and affordable. Decorated with a striking picture of swimmers, it will look great on your winner�s mantelpiece.

To browse our range of swimming trophies, dive in here.

Trophies For Golf Enthusiasts - 20th June 2016

�Golf depends less on strength of body, and more on strength of mind and character.�

(Arnold Palmer).

Whether you play at the local golf club, or enjoy a round of mini golf with the children, Jaycee have trophies to suit all levels of player, including Novelty Golf Trophies, Glass Golf Awards, Golf Cups and general golf awards.

Reward yourself for that hole-in-one.

Our novelty trophies really capture that classic British spirit which personifies golf and bowling. The perfect present for a loved-one who adores golf, they include humorous trophies like this Bandit Novelty Golf Trophy. This fun and exuberant award will make any golfer�s day, and look great on their mantelpiece. Hand painted and collectable, it can be bought at Jaycee Trophies for only £11.00.

Or for an extremely classy award, how about this Triumph Golf Resin Putter Trophy? Coming complete with an engraving plate, this award is only £10.00 and ideal for those on a budget.

Our beautiful glass awards also come with a free engraving, to make your trophy extra special. Prices start from only £9.99.

To explore our golf trophies, click here.

Do You Need Trophies And Awards For Your Event? - 6th June 2016

There�s plenty of exciting sports events happening this summer, including the Rio Olympics and the UEFA Euro championships. We also have the exciting England vs. Wales game coming up on the 16th June. No doubt thousands of people will be booking that particular day off!

With such glorious weather, the scene is also set for school and college sports days, local sports events and outdoor swimming.

Highly affordable trophies and awards for any sport or event.

If you�re going to give somebody an award, it�s worth making it personal. At Jaycee Trophies a huge range of our trophies and awards can have a free engraving up to 25 characters.

Whether you�re holding a local football match, a school event or dance championships, Jaycee Trophies have everything from shields and plaques to trophies. Our trophies and awards are ideal for any sport, with those specially designed for archery, basketball, greyhound racing, badminton, boxing, motor sports, rugby, netball, running, squash, clay pigeon shooting, and much more.

From cups and pewter, to medal and ribbon combinations, our products are perfect for schools and colleges, whether you have a sports day or award ceremony.

Why not browse our huge range of products today?

You�ll Do Wheelies Over Our Cycling Trophies - 23rd May 2016

Get on your bike this summer!

Are you participating in a cycling event this summer? Or holding a charity event which involves many people on two wheels?

Then make you event extra special, with our range of affordable cycling trophies.

At Jaycee Trophies we cover a huge range of sports, including the popular sport of cycling, which has grown hugely over the past few years. According to British Cycling, more than two million people now cycle at least once a week. Cycling is also one of the most popular ways to raise money for charities, with events like �London to Brighton� taking place in the summer.

The bike shop Halfords has reported sales of bikes shot up 11% last year.

Our cut-price medals include those made from antique bronze, gold resin and silver resin, with a variety of attractive designs. Many of these trophies also come with a free engraving so you can make them extra special.

Prices start from only £1.10- making us perfect for anyone ordering in bulk.

For those people who smash those barriers and beat their own personal record, our Silver Resin Cycling Trophy is perfect. With an explosive 3D design available in gold or silver, it has an integral base that can be personalised with your own message.

Explore our collection of cycling trophies here.

Highly Affordable Medals And Ribbons - 9th May 2016

Want to make your sports day extra special?

Everyone remembers those hot summer days, when the annual sports day rolled around. Pupils brought their chairs out onto the fields, wearing their shorts and t-shirts, carrying water bottles. The field wavered in the heat as everyone was filled with adrenaline. But did you have anything to remember it by?

At Jaycee Trophies, we want to make sports events even more enjoyable, and to provide mementoes to remember the day by.

Whether you play in a local team or have a school event, you can buy our medals and ribbons for extremely affordable prices. Our catalogue includes high quality medals, medal and ribbon combos, multi-sports medals, and stars medals.

Our attractive Star Medals are a lovely way to reward pupils, and are sold for �star prices�. Whether for a sports or theatrical show, they�re extremely affordable, with prices starting from only £1.20.

If you�re after medal and ribbons combined, we have a number of Medal and Ribbon Combos, including antique gold style medals. Our Victory Medal and Ribbon in Antique Gold costs a winning £1.10 and comes supplied with a red, white and blue ribbon. These prices mean you can easily buy medal and ribbons in bulk, if needed.

To explore our medals and ribbons, take a look here.

Affordable Trophies And Awards For Any Sport - 25th April 2016

It�s hard to believe, but the London Olympics is now four years ago. No, we can�t believe it either. This year we�re gearing up for none other than the Rio Olympics, which is less than a 100 days away. Ola! This year the stadium will be overlooked by the gigantic statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Now is the time for schools and college to purchases trophies and awards, in preparation for those sports day and end-of-term assemblies. You might not be competing at the Olympics but everybody deserves a heads up for their achievements.

At Jaycee Trophies we have an extensive range of trophies and awards- and with our prices, everyone can be a winner.

On our site you�ll find trophies for common sports like football, basketball, hockey, golf and badminton, and more unusual sports like lawn bowls, archery, clay pigeon shooting and martial arts. This makes us perfect for not only schools and college, but local teams and those who play professionally.

We also have trophies and award for activities like dance and drama, along with achievement awards. With Jaycee Trophies, you can make your award extra special with a free engraving.

To explore our range, simply click here.

Budget Trophies for those Summer Events - 11th April 2016

Get ready, get set�go!

Easter is now over, which means those school sports days are only a few months away. If you really want to award your students, consider our budget trophies at Jaycee Trophies.

Longer lasting than rosettes, these trophies can be treasured for a lifetime. And because they�re budget trophies, you won�t be left out of pocket this summer.

Our running trophies start from only 0.99p- that means you can reward 10 pupils for their efforts for less than £10.00. You can also buy more elaborate trophies for less than £5.00, including our Golden Resin Typhoon Running Trophy.

Mounted on an integral base, this running trophy can be personalised with your own personal message or the name of your school. It�s the ideal trophy for those who speed first through the finishing line.

On our site you can buy a number of budget trophies, for lots of different sports, including archery, basketball, cricket, football, badminton, hockey, fishing, and many more. We also have specialist sports day trophies and medals.

No matter what summer activity you enjoy, everyone can be a winner with our trophies. Why not see our sports day trophies here?

Sports Trophies At Amazing Prices - 28th March 2016

Preparing for the summer football season?

Now Easter is over, it won�t be long before sports days are taking place all over the country. The sound of children chanting and egging one another on will soon be heard all over towns and villages.

Whether your college or school team play basketball, football or badminton, Jaycee Trophies have a huge range of trophies and medals at incredible prices.

Whether you�re after glass awards, resin trophies, or crystal trophies, you�ll find them all at Jaycee Trophies. Rated five stars on Trust Pilot, we�re praised for both the quality of our products, impeccable customer service and our speedy delivery.

If you�re after football trophies, we have everything from general trophies to high end crystal awards with a silk lined box and message engraved on a presentation plate. For instance, check out our Legend Glass Football Tower. Available in three different sizes, prices start from only £23.99.

Or how about our blue tinted football boot and ball design trophy? This stunning trophy will reward any talented footballer, who dreams of playing for England.

All our awards are sourced from within the UK which gives us a speedy turn around on all orders.

With free engravings on many items, you can have personalise awards to make them extra special.

Looking To Order Football Trophies? - 14th March 2016

Goal! Whether you�re an Arsenal or Tottenham fan, nothing beats having a special football trophy of your own.

Whether you�re a budding professional or just like playing casually, Jaycee Trophies has a huge range of football-related trophies. From general football trophies to budget trophies, and even specifically female trophies, we have everything to make this the best season yet.

If you�re looking for specialised trophies, we have everything from those to congratulate the referee to glass awards with free engravings. Whether you play in friendly matches, a school team or in a local club, this is a great way to improve morale and cherish those footie memories. If it�s a college team, it�s an excellent way to commend the best players this summer.

Extremely affordable, you can order our football trophies from just £4.99, with higher end trophies including a free engraving. We also sell quality football medals with prices starting from only £1.29. Each medal has a highly attractive design and many come with a ribbon included. Score!

Whether you�re a striker, left back or centre forward, it�s time to prepare that acceptance speech in 2016.

For more about our football trophies, click here.

Trophies And Medals - 29th February 2016

After the Oscars this week, with all its glamour and black-tie glitz, it�s easy to end up longing for a trophy ourselves. Have you ever practiced that Oscar speech in the mirror? Or dreamt of bagging a BAFTA?

The official awards season might soon be over, but us non-celebrities can win awards at any time of year. After all, everyone deserves to win a trophy at some point or another, whether for dance, fishing, gymnastics or for achieving brilliant exam results.

If you�re holding an event this year, brighten up everyone�s day with our affordable trophies and medals.

Jaycee Trophies offer a huge range of trophies and medals, specially designed for a number of different sports, including archery, basketball, chess, cricket, dance/music, boxing, gymnastics and many more.

We also have Oscar-style achievement awards in the style of a gold-plated figure. Whether given as a gift or a prize, it�s a wonderful way to celebrate a big achievement and can easily be personalised to suit the individual and event.

We offer a free engraving on all trophies and medals up to 25 characters, and also offer free delivery on items over £200. Start preparing that acceptance speech now!

Explore our range today by clicking here.

Beautiful Dance And Music Trophies - 15th February 2016

Dancing is one of the most popular sports for young children, especially young girls. It�s also a popular hobby for adults and can lead to some light-hearted competitiveness.

Whether it�s a local dance show or more competitive event, they�ll love receiving a beautiful trophy at the end of the day. Often, these are displayed in childhood bedrooms and are a memento of an early dancing career.

Whether you need a trophy for Street Dancing, Ballet, Ballroom Dancing, Tap Dancing or General Dance, you�ll find a wide range at Jaycee Trophies. Our trophies and medals will be treasured for a lifetime, and can easily be engraved if needed.

Since awards are categorised by sport, you�ll find what you need quickly- whether it�s for dance, archery, basketball, fishing gold, lawn bowls, chess or any other sport.

All our dance and music trophies are highly affordable, and many are priced under £5.00, including this majestic dance trophy.For just £3.49, you can award any dancer this cabaret-style mini trophy, embellished with stars and a top hatted dancer. It�s especially perfect for Strictly Come Dancing type events, or a Royal Variety Show.

If you fancy something brighter, think-pink with our vibrantPink Star Trophy. This resplendent trophy comes in three different sizes and it a bright, eye-catching pink and costs just £5.99.

Explore our dance trophies, by clicking here.

Looking to buy Running Trophies? - 1st February 2016

Did you know, competitive running began thanks to religious festivals in Ancient Greece, Egypt and East Africa?

In Ancient Greece running competitions can be traced back to 776BC, when the first recorded Olympics took place. The fastest ever footspeed recorded is 27.8 miles per hour by Usain Bolt, the Jamaican Sprinter, otherwise known as �Lightning Bolt�. He is currently the speediest person ever recorded

Whether you have a running competition at school or college, or are holding a marathon for charity, you�ll find plenty of quality running trophies on Jaycee Trophies.

On our site, you can buy a wide range of trophies, medals, plaques, glass awards and cups. These include specialise running awards, such as cross country, track, field and 5K/10K medals.

If you�re on a budget, we have plenty of trophies under £5.00, including our attractive Centurion Running Medal, which include a free engraving. Many of our medals and ribbons cost just £1.10 and are perfect for any school�s sports day.

If you fancy a more colourful award, why not consider our Titans Trilithon Glass Award? Available in various different sizes, the smallest size is only £4.99. You can also personalise this award on the Engraving Plate.

All our trophies are categorised by sport, so you can easily find the right one.

To explore our running trophies, click here.

Buy Lawn Bowls Trophies - 18th January 2016

Anyone for a game of bowls?

If you�re a bowls fan, it�s likely you�re anticipating spring more than most. Warm weather means a whole new season for this ancient sport, which can be traced back to the 13th century. Once summer arrives, it�s pure paradise for lawn bowls players.

Part of the commonwealth games since 1930, this game can be both relaxing and competitive. What�s better than enjoying a game of bowls, on a warm day, with cool drinks in between? And is there anything more English?

If you need to buy lawn bowls trophies, you�ll find competitively priced medals and cups on Jaycee Trophies.

On our site you�ll find everything from crystal trophies to solid English plaques, solid resin trophies and, the cr�me de la cr�me- silver plated trophies on a solid mahogany base.

Any one of these awards will delights players at any presentation ceremony. All our trophies can be engraved for free, whether with a player�s name or that of the team�s. With prices starting from just £3.49, you won�t be left out of pocket after Christmas. Our trophies are suitable for both amateurs and more professional players.

Celebrate winning in 2016!

To explore our range of bowls trophies, click here.