Our Products

All products shown on our Jaycee Trophies website will be of various sizes, shapes and made of different materials. Hopefully the information below provides some helpful information. We do appreciate that it can be hard to judge the quality of products when viewing an image online so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Resin Trophies

Many trophies found on our website are made of a solid resin material. The resin gives the trophies some weight and makes them more durable. Resin Trophies also show some great detail and hide blemishes etc.

To clean them, simply wash them with warm, soapy water before drying them thoroughly.

Plastic Trophies

We stock many plastic trophies. This is purely due to cost. Plastic awards are often considerably cheaper than resin trophies and prove to be a great alternative for those who have a smaller budget. All trophies made of plastic are still very pleasing on the eye by they will obviously be thinner and less weighty than resin awards. Many plastic awards are mounted on a marble base to add some weight.

You can clean trophies made from plastic using just water and a soft cloth. Avoid using anything abrasive on them so they don’t become scratched.


All medals shown on our website are made of metal or iron. We do not stock plastic medals. Prices for medals are generally guided by the weight and thickness. A budget medal that is 45mm wide will be considerably lighter than a 4mm which medal which has a 70mm diameter and that will be reflected in the price. All medals have the option to add a ribbon and/or a presentation case.

Link to Medals; https://www.jayceetrophies.co.uk/medals_and_ribbons.html

Cups and Pewter

Our presentation cup range are made of metalised plastic and this is represented in the cost of the awards. We also stock cups that are nickel plated, silver plated and also supreme cups. These will be non-tarnish cups and of much better quality. The inexpensive cups may show minor blemishes and will be less weighty than the more expensive cups.

Link to Cups; https://www.jayceetrophies.co.uk/category-cups--pewter-tankards-and-hip-flasks.html

Taking care of your Silver and Silver-Plated Cups

Exposure to air and being kept in humid conditions can cause silver to tarnish faster though, so it’s best to place your award in a glass cabinet. This also means that it will be less likely to come into contact with other harmful substances, such as smoke or water, or become coated with dust. Placing a little desiccated silica gel in the cabinet will help to prevent silver-damaging moisture from collecting there too.

If you need to store a silver award away in a cupboard, garage or attic, for example, you can protect it by wrapping it in tissue paper and sealing it within a bag made from polythene. Take care not to use anything that could react with the metal and damage it, such as elastic bands or newspaper.

If you spot any fingerprints or greasy marks on your trophy, remove them straightaway, using a polishing cloth. You should also polish your award thoroughly about once a month, moving the cloth across the silver in straight lines, in a single direction. Don’t use polishing cream unless the metal is already tarnished, and make sure that any you do apply is new and specifically designed for use on silver.

Avoid wearing latex gloves when touching your award, and never use any abrasive brush, cloth or cleaning product on it.

Taking care of Pewter Awards

Pewter is superbly practical and needs very little care. Unlike silver, it doesn’t react with air or become tarnished, although it can become marked or grubby over time. Cleaning it is simple, though – just wash your pewter trophy or tankard in warm water and dry it thoroughly using a soft cloth.

If the pewter is really dirty, you can polish it before you wash it. Just make sure you use a non-abrasive product that’s specifically designed for use on metal, and move the cloth in one direction, in straight lines.

A word of warning about cleaning items made from pewter, however – never try to take a shortcut and pop them in the dishwasher, as subjecting the alloy to high levels of heat can cause it to distort.

Our product range also includes some striking pewter hip flasks. Designed to hold alcoholic drinks, they need some extra attention if you want to ensure they stand the test of time.

Firstly, always rinse your hip flask out with water before placing alcohol in it and empty it immediately after use. Don’t keep alcohol in it for more than three days and never fill it with anything acidic, such as fruit juices or cordials.

Glass and Crystal

All awards found in the glass and crystal section are different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. It is these factors that will be reflected in the cost of the awards. We do not sell acrylic awards.

We have an inexpensive range of glass that will be approx 4mm thick. These are great for those looking to work within a smaller budget. We then have some more expensive glass awards that will be thicker and more weighty. The more expensive glass awards generally come with a presentation box also.
Many glass awards can be engraved with a logo as well as text.

Glass and crystal awards are extremely popular, and they are refreshingly simple to clean. Light marks can usually be shifted just by using soapy water and a soft cloth, while applying shop-bought glass cleaner can help you to tackle stubborn dirt and give your glass or crystal-ware a little extra sparkle.

Salvers and Trays

All salvers and trays will be either nickel plated or silver plated. They will be non-tarnish so of a good quality.