Entertaining yourself in lock-down?

Many of us are spending more time at home and we are trying to think of new ways to keep us active and keep the mind occupied.

Lots of people are taking to the roads or the local park to get their daily exercise, whether it be a walk, jog or cycle.

Come evening time, many are isolated at home and turn their attentions to that tricky task of keeping the mind stimulated. Some opt for a quick chat with a friend or family member. Some take to zoom for a group quiz and many play games around the house with all the family.

Lots of people have completed tasks such as jogs and walks for charity and for that, you all deserve a medal.

For the fun quiz, have you thought about sending out trophies to the weekly winners? Maybe even a cheeky emoji trophy for the group joker??

What ever you choose to do to keep your self and your family entertained, keep doing it. Staying positive, being creative and trying to have fun throughout difficult times is the only way we are going to get through this.


Order Trophies and Medals Online

Unable to pop in to your local trophy shop?

Some online trophy companies have now set up websites that allows you to order and trophies and medals direct from your own home using a computer, laptop, ipad or other device.

You can order online 24 hours a day 7 days a week and have the trophies delivered direct to your door. The website has some great images of each award and has good descriptions informing of the material, colour and size etc.

Websites such as Jaycee Trophies allow you to easily personalise each individual trophy online and pay through a secure check out payment system via car or paypal.


Looking for something a bit different?

At Jaycee Trophies we stock some great Trophies and medals and also some stunning glass awards.

We had many customers asking us if there are different awards that are suitable for adding a logo and some text.

We now supply some high quality bamboo wooden awards that are perfect for that. We laser direct on to the wood and the finish is superb. It is different to your regular trophies and they are guaranteed to be loved by the recipients.


How to take care of your awards, a few simple tips.

You’re the proud owner of a new trophy, medal or award – congratulations! No doubt you worked very hard to win it.

If you want to show off your trophies and medals purchased with Jaycee Trophies and you are not ready just yet to throw them in the loft, it is important to look after your medals and trophies.

Avoid your own trophy, medal and award cleaning disasters with these three tips:

  1. Clean resin and pewter trophies with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  2. Give your silver and silver-plated wares a monthly clean with a silver cloth, polishing in one direction only – never in circles.
  3. To reduce tarnishing, keep your silver and silver-plated trophies and awards in a display cabinet with some silica gel for extra protection. (The little sachets that you sometimes find in shoeboxes come in handy, they help reduce humidity.)
  4. To clean wooden trophy bases, use furniture polish sprayed onto a soft dusting cloth.
  5. Never use a dishwasher (or Brillo pads).

Ever wondered how trophy cups are made?

You may be lucky enough to have one a trophy or medal. As you know, at Jaycee Trophies we hold an extensive range of both nickel plated cups as well as our stunning range of silver plated cups.

Having won these cups or purchased them for your team or organisation, have you ever wondered how these cups are made? Our UK supplier of cups has put together a video which provides a great insight in to the process of how cups are made, check it out!


Holding a Corporate Event?

Visit our sensational range of Glass and Crystal Awards

As well as our sporting trophies and medals, we also provide a stunning selection of glass and crystal awards, ideal for that all important end of year awards ceremony or even for a small one off recognition gift for that special some one.

Most corporate awards, such as glass and crystal awards can be personalised with your own logo and text for that personal touch. If you require a quote for corporate awards or any further information, please dont hesitate to contact us with your order requirements.


Super School Trophies For Star Pupils

Are your students counting down the days until the Christmas holidays? If you’re a busy teacher, the chances are you’re doing the same.

For busy teachers, December is often the time for planning ahead, with now the time to order supplies for the busy winter and spring terms. If you want to order school trophies to reward pupils in the coming year, Jaycee Trophies have an extensive collection of products to choose from- all of which are highly affordable.

At Jaycee Trophies we have a massive collection of school trophies that cover a wide range of subjects, including a variety of sports.

Whether you want to reward a slam-dunking netball team, a mathematics whiz, or a super skilled dancer, Jaycee Trophies can help you make them feel special without going over budget.

All our school trophies can come with a FREE engraving, so you can personalise your award. With many trophies under £5.00, you can easily reward everybody for their hard work.

We also have a range of medals and ribbons along with house trophies for any presentation ceremony or sports event.

Why not explore our range of school trophies today?


Our Range Of Medals And Ribbons

Want everybody to feel like a winner in?

Whether you’re in charge of the annual Sports Day or run a local tennis club, Jaycee Trophies have a range of medals and ribbons to reward all participants at any event, including medals which are ideal for sports, music or amateur dramatics.

Medals and ribbons are a highly affordable way to make sure everybody involved has something to take home, and everyone feels like a winner.

Competitively priced medals and ribbons which come with a free engraving.

Our medals and ribbons include Attendance Awards and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals that are ideal for all sorts of competitions. With prices starting from only £1.40 for medal and ribbon combinations, Jaycee Trophies is ideal for any school or college ordering several hundred.

Many of our medals can also come with a presentation box to make it even more special.

Our collection includes this 1st Place Medal and Ribbon combo which comes complete with a red, white and blue ribbon attached for no extra price. Please note that this medal is not suitable for our presentation boxes.

Jaycee Trophies offer free deliveries on all orders over £200 and offer free engraving for messages up to 25 characters.


Beautiful Horse and Equestrian Trophies

Do you have a future jockey on your hands, or regularly organise gymkhanas or show jumping competitions?

Horse riding is one of the most atmospheric sports and especially enjoyable in spring and summer, when most of the big events take place.

At Jaycee Trophies we have a huge choice of Equestrian Trophies that ideal for rewarding any future jockey or show jumper.

Our trophies include those made of resin with a black marble base and an engraving plate. We also have silver-plated cups, glass trophies and bronze-plated awards.

All these trophies are highly attractive and will fantastic on anyone’s shelf or mantlepiece.

Rated as ‘excellent’ on Trust Pilot, Jaycee Trophies have worked hard to develop the perfect site for buying trophies and awards. All our trophies can be engraved for free, so you can easily have them personalised for your most special pupils.

With our competitive prices and in-house engraving service, you can easily order trophies for all sorts of sports, not just horse riding. We cover pretty much all sports under the sun, and also have general trophies for any activity.

Why not check out our range of Horse and Equestrian Trophies today?


Great Prices On Presentation Cups

We all dream of that moment when we get to hold a presentation cup aloft, hearing the crowd cheering and clapping, knowing we get to take it home at the end of the evening…

Jaycee Trophies want to ensure that moment is truly special with our beautiful presentation cups. On our website you can purchase presentation cups for almost any sport, with our trophies ranging from those for archery and badminton to football, fishing and martial arts.

Whether you’re on a budget or looking to purchase an award for a corporate event, we can help.

Our budget trophies are ideal for all sorts of customers and we regularly supply schools and colleges with multiple awards for their pupils. Whether you’re looking for fun novelty awards to award your child this Christmas or polished presentation cups for an important ceremony, Jaycee Trophies offer incredible prices on all our trophies.

Our presentation cups include those which are silver-plated or nickel-plated and many have a plate that can be engraved for free. Our Supreme Cups are ideal for those special occasions where you need the crème de la crème of awards.

Among our collection is this Havoc Extreme Gold Heavyweight Cup which is perfect for all events and activities. Available in six different sizes, this is an excellent budget trophy that costs only £9.50 and will look great on anybody’s shelf.