At Jaycee Trophies we offer a professional In-House engraving service so we do not have to rely on 3rd parties like many trophy shops. We have full control over all engraving which allows us to provide such low cost engraving and a speedy turn around. Our up to date computerised engraving machines have a variety of fonts and layout options and we are more than happy to offer any advice where necessary with regards to engraving layouts. Our experienced engravers have a keen eye for detail and we are extremly confident we will provide the perfect outcome for your engraved trophies. You will no doubt have noticed that all engraving prices are extremely low when compared to other online and high street retailers. This is because we always do our best to keep costs down for you, the customer. We charge what we think is a fair price for each type of award based on time and attention required for that particular type of award?
Cups and Pewter
All Inexpensive Cups qualify for free engraving on the base plate provided. Cups within this section are only suitable for engraving on the base plate. The body of the cup is electro-plated means we are unable to engrave on that particular surface.
For all other cups, we can engrave on both the base of the cup as well as the body due to the quality of the cup its self. We do not charge per letter or per word, we charge per area. We charge £8.00 per cup for text engraved on to the body of the cup. This is because it involves quite a long set up process and we also use shading for a better finish which also takes longer. For the base plate we charge £6 per award. There is a quicker set up but we also usea shaded font whcih is why it does not register for free engraving.
Glass and Crystal
Engraving direct on to glass is the most expensive form of engraving that we offer but is still extremely reasonable.
We laser all glass and it gives a high quality, clear finish on both text and logos. As you will notice from our website, al glass and crystal comes in various shapes and sizes meaning that the set up is unique to each award. We then need to incorporate the set up of the actual layout for the text/logo and also the time it takes to personalise and engrave each award. Text engraving is charged at £7.99 per award, logo engraving is charged at £7.99 per award and a combination of text and logo is charged at £9.99 per award. There is also a one off origination charge to set up a logo.
Salvers and Trays
When engraving on to salvers and trays we always do our best to use an appropriate font with shading that will best suit the award. Engraving on to salvers can take longer than many awards due to the font etc and also layout. We charge £6.00 for text engraving on salvers, £6.00 for logos engraved and £10.00 for a combination of text and logo.
Shields and Plaques
Annual Shields offer different areas that can be engrave and we charge appropriately to that area. Centre Shields and Scrolls all require a longer set up time and also a shaded font in order to suit the award, we charge £4.50 per area for this. Small side shields where you would generally add a name and year, we charge £3.50. We always use a very basic front for this so that it can be replicate should you get it engraved locally.
What Qualifies for Free Engraving?
You may be wondering what trophies and awards qualify for free engraving. Im sure medals are pretty self explanatory. As for trophy plates, Free engraving applies to all trophies and awards that show a gold/silver plate on the base of the award. 
Trophy Plates
We offer free engraving on the first line. Lines 2 and 3 are charged at 50p per line.
We offer free engraving on the first two lines. Lines 3 and 4 are charged at 50p per line.

Unfortunately we have to charge for the additional lines on trophy plates and medals due to the time it takes to engrave. We must stress that whilst offering free engraving on medals and trophy plates, we do not compromise on quality. All engraving is carried out in-house and to the highest standards.

Medal Engraving
Please note that the colour and material of medals vary on all ranges meaning that wording can some times stand out more on certain medals. If you are unsure as to how the engraving will look, please dont hesitate to contact us.
If you have any queries at all with regards to engraving, please dont hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and would rather you checked with us first if it means avoiding problems later.