Our Products

All products shown on our Jaycee Trophies website will be of various sizes, shapes and made of different materials. Hopefully the information below provides some helpful information. We do appreciate that it can be hard to judge the quality of products when viewing an image online so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Resin Trophies

Many trophies found on our website are made of a solid resin material. The resin gives the trophies some weight and makes them more durable.
Resin Trophies also show some great detail and hide blemishes etc.

Plastic Trophies

We do stock many plastic trophies, mainly in the budget section of our website. All trophies made of plastic are still very pleasing on the eye by they will obviously be thinner and less weighty than resin awards.


All medals shown on our website are made of metal. We do not stock plastic medals. Prices for medals will be base on the thickness of medals as there will be a difference on many of them and also the detail shown from medal to medal.

Cups and Pewter

Our inexpensive range of cups are made of metalised plastic and this is represented in the cost of the awards. We stock cups that are nickel plates, silver plated and also supreme cups. These will be non-tarnish cups and of much better quality. The inexpensive cups may show minor blemishes and will be less weighty than the more expensive cups.

Glass and Crystal

All awards found in the glass and crystal section are different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. It is these factors that will be reflected in the cost of the awards. We do not sell acrylic awards.

Salvers and Trays

All salvers and trays will be either nickel plated or silver plated. They will be non-tarnish so of a good quality.